Kulfii Kumarr Bajewala (produced by Gul Khan and Nilanjani Purkayastha) is one of most popular shows on television.

The audiences love the bond that Kullfii and Sikandar and Amyra and Lovely share. The actors share a warm relationship off-screen as well, which is again appreciated.

Gear up for yet another big twist in the Star Plus show.

On the one hand, Kullfi is trying to escape the remand home and Sikandar is leaving no stone unturned to search for her. On the other, Amyra is in the hospital battling for life. Parallel to this, Sikandar has gotten to know Lovely ‘s shenanigans and does not permit her to meet Amyra as a punishment.

He even asks Lovely to open up about the whereabouts of Kullfi, but she does not.

In the upcoming episodes, the doctors reveal that Amyra cannot be treated further and that she is breathing her last.

Hearing this, Sikandar has a major breakdown and feels guilty that he could not be a good father.

Will Sikandar miraculously be able to save Amyra’s life? Moreover, what’s in store for Kulfi and Sikandar? Will he give up on his relationship with Kullfi for Amyra in the process?

Let’s wait and watch!



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