The ongoing track of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is filled with emotions as Amyra is battling for her life in hospital as Lovely has put her own daughter on a stake. 

Kulfi is every sad that Lovely is playing a game against her and she made Sikandar go away from her as Lovely puts a condition in front of Sikandar to send Kulfi to boarding school.

Nimart’s ghost will come and will teach a lesson to Lovely which will freak her out.

In the upcoming episode, Nimrat will spill water over Kulfi’s boarding school form and shows her fear for her while and Kulfi will not understand what it is.

Now Kulfi won’t be alone as Nimrat has come back in the form of a spirit to fight for her daughter Kulfi.

It will be interesting to see if Nimrat will be successful in saving Kulfi or no.



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