The ongoing track of Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala is filled with drama. Sikandar is in a dilemma, as he doesn’t know whom to choose between Kullfi and Amyra. On the one hand, he is trying to fulfill Amyra’s last wish, and on the other hand, Kullfi is happy to unite with her father.

In the upcoming episode, Kullfi has returned to her father, but unfortunately, Sikandar refuses to accept her as his daughter.

Sikandar is doing all this for Amyra, and he chooses to be with her which leaves Kullfi shattered and Sikandar in pain.

Sikandar breaks down as he cannot unite with his daughter even after knowing the truth, while Lovely and Amyra can see Sikandar’s pain.

It will be interesting to see how Sikandar and Kullfi cope with this situation. 


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