In Star Plus show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 7th February 2019 episode, Kulfi gets to know about Loveleen’s evil plan. Tonight’s episode is going to be very interesting as there is major melodrama going on in the show. Kulfi and Amyra join their hands for the sake of Sikandar’s happiness. Kulfi and Amyra both get to know that Loveleen is the mastermind behind all the activities and that she is also involving in Kulfi’s kidnapping.

Yes, little Kulfi is now aware of the fact that Loveleen don’t like her and Nimrat and that she wants to throw them both out of Sikandar’s life to rule on everything and everyone. Loveleen can go beyond her limits to stop Sikandar and Nimrat’s engagement as he wants to cut of Nimrat and Kulfi from Sikandar’s life. Kulfi gets to know that she was kidnapped on the order of Loveleen to stop the engagement of Sikandar and Nimrat.

Kulfi is now clear that Loveleen hates her and that she does not want her in Sikandar’s life. Kulfi now takes Amyra’s help for Sikandar’s happiness. On the other hand, little Amyra also gets to know that it was all Loveleen’s evil plan to kidnap Kulfi in order to stop Sikandar and Nimrat’s engagement. Amyra now makes a plan for Sikandar’s happiness and she tells the whole to Kulfi.

A major twist hit the show as Amyra is doing this all on Loveleen’s order as her mother asks her to do this. Loveleen being a mastermind makes another evil plan against Kulfi to throw her out of Sikandar’s life and this time she is taking the help of Amyra to do so. Loveleen wants to attract Sikandar towards her by cutting of Kulfi and Nimrat from his life. Now it would be very interesting to see if Kulfi’s plan get successful. Will little Kulfi understand the evil plan of Loveleen? Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala and written episode.



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