Sikandar and Kulfi tell Lovely about their surprise. They don’t let Lovely’s birthday end without their special song. Sikandar and Kulfi sing their hearts out for Lovely. Lovely recollects her love story with Tevar.

She spoils the moment and tells Sikandar that she wants to listen to the song with a fresh mind. Sikandar tells her that he didn’t feel bad, she can go and rest. Kulfi gets upset that Lovely didn’t listen to their song.

Sikandar explains Kulfi that Lovely needed rest and they can sing any other time. Sikandar and Kulfi sing for themselves. Lovely and Tevar think of each other and feel the pain of losing their love. Lovely sheds tears. Tevar misses her in his life. Kulfi feels affection for Sikandar and hugs him.

Lovely recollects how she has hidden Tevar and her love child, Amyra. She regrets that they couldn’t marry because of Tevar’s unstable career. Tevar wanted to become independent and marry Lovely by asking for her hand from her parents.

Tevar got rejected by Lovely’s parents. He thinks he was cheated by Lovely, as she chose to marry Sikandar. He recollects the day when he was waiting for Lovely and left all his dreams for her. Lovely decides to keep Amyra away from Tevar, so that the truth doesn’t come out.

Lovely’s dad played the villain in their love story and parted them away. Meanwhile, Sikandar finds Kulfi crying. Kulfi misses her mum and wishes she could find her dad. She gets emotional seeing Sikandar.

She thinks if her dad will resemble a kind person like Sikandar. Sikandar consoles Kulfi and understands her sorrow.


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