In the latest episode of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, Kulfi and Amyrah wait for Sikander and Lovely to stand beneath the Christmas star. Sikander and Lovely bump into each other and then stand beneath the star. The girls feel happy seeing them and Gunjan gets angry.

Mahendrs calls Sikander and tells him that her laweyer Apoorva is there to meet Lovely.

Apoorva scolds Lovely for agreeing to perform the play in Amyrah’s school. Lovely tries stopping Apoorva but he shouts at her for still being in love with Sikander. Sikander calls Lovely and says that he cannot break Kulfi and Amyrah’s heart. He further tells her to fulfill their wish.

Apoorva tries instigating Lovely but she tells him to stop accusing her husband. Sikander, Kulfi, and Amyrah wait for Lovely, but he tells them that he feels she will not come. Lovely walks to Sikander and they leave.

Lovely, Sikander, Kulfi and Amyrah reach school for the Christmas celebrations. Kulfi and Amyrah tell Santa to fulfil their wish and tell him to bring Sikander and Lovely together. Gunjan, who is dressed as Santa makes the girls reveal their plan.

Kulfi and Amyra get happy to see Lovely and Sikander lost in each other’s eyes and feel their plan is working. On the other side, Gunjan says she will never allow them to reunite and promises to throw Lovely out from Sikander’s life.



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