Lovely thinking of Tevar saying Amyra is his too.Sikander and Kulfi walk to Lovely and tell her iits surprise and take her to piano, Sikander and Kulfi sing for her, Lovely hearing the song starts thinking of Tevar,and says stop Sikander please i can’t hear to this song now,its your song and im tired,i want to be relaxed all fresh,iim restless worried for Amyra, Sikander says calm down,go check Amyra and go to sleep,Lovely says you ddidnt feel bad right,Sikander says no i didn’t, Lovely leaves.

Sikander asks Kulfi what’s wrong,Kulfi say our gift our song iits all gone, Sikander says she will hear it tomorrow but now we will sing it for us today, Kulfi says lets go then.

Kulfi and Sikander start singing, Lovely near Amyra,Amyra asleep.Lovely remembers her old days,Tevar thinking of same. Lovely remembers how she met Tevar and how they bonded,Kulfi in tears after singing song and kisses Sikander forehead and hugs him.

Lovely remembers taking pregnancy test and it being positive, Tevar in his workshop narrating poems,while he works on frames,he gets call from Lovely all freaked out,and says pack all necessary things and just meet at the meeting point,Tevar says i hace scholarship interview in 2 hours all is good right,Lovely says we have to marry, Tevar says we spoke right once i settle then i will speak to your dad, Lovely says if you love me just see me. Tevar at tea stall with his baggage waiting for Lovely,he tries calling her.

Tevar(present situation) shouts i left my love my life mmy drems everything behind for you but you didnt come love, Lovely says i had left everything but i couldn’t reach you guddu,(lovely gets in her car to go see Tevar but Tonny sits in her car and say it goods to see in movies and heres blank cheque like in movies too but this is not .movie lovely,so i won’t ask you to leave him,its your right to love someone,so be happy heres money, Lovely say dad i don’t need money to be happy,Tonny says i have did best for my daughter and so will you want for your baby, so use my money, Lovely says guddu is very selfless he won’t accept and guddu will do everything for me, Tonny says i wont stop you,when this cheque book will finish call me back i will provide another and leaves the car,Lovely leaves and reaches Tevar and sees him struggling to pay for his tea, Lovely just passes by without meeting Tevar.

Sikander walks to Kulfi, Kulfi sitting alone and crying and says i dont know i was good but i started crying, Sikander says missing mom,Kulfi says i know ma is there as star but i cant feel her,why is that and starts crying, Sikander puts kulfi on his lap and helps her fall asleep.


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