Shivaay feels dizzy and collapses to the ground. Anika calls Veer to check his condition. Later, Veer checks his condition and declares him dead, leaving everyone in shock. Anika slaps Veer.

Flashback begins when Shivaay falls down and everyone is shocked. Anika is worried and she runs to call Veer. Anika comes running and Veer dreams of Anika talking to him and is lost in her thoughts. Meanwhile, Anika shouts and calls him to help Shivaay. Veer thinks if Shivaay is not dead yet. Veer checks his condition and declares him dead. He is happy that Shivaay is dead and thinks that he will take care of Anika. She says he can’t leave me and he has promised to spend the whole life with me. Veer tells Anika that Shivaay is dead and she slaps him.

Anika asks him to wake up and her tears fall in his face. Shivaay gains consciousness. Veer looks that his hands are moving and he feels that the poison did not work. Veer decides to take the credit of his life for becoming hero in mind of Anika. He asks Anika to give him one chance to try again.

Everyone is happy that Shivaay survived. Meanwhile, Veer thinks that he had survived today but tomorrow will be his last day. Anika takes care of Shivaay. Anika is worried while, Shivaay’s brothers calm her. Anika says she can’t even think about losing Shivaay.

OmkarA and Rudra calm Anika. Anika says he his just like Lord Shiva. He has always stood to save Omru and he manages all his responsibilities. Rudra and Omkar take care of Anika and they tell that Shivaay was always there for us when we were in problem. Rudra calls Shivaay their hero.

Shivaay removes the CCTV camera. While, Rudra and Omkar come and ask him if he needs help. Shivaay asks them to remove all the CCTV camera in the house. Shivaay says he knows the cameras which he had installed but of someone else has installed any cameras here. Omkar asks what does he mean by someone else? Shivaay says to keep an eye on me and Anika. Shivaay says she must the women who tried to kill Anika.

He says police is doing thier investigation while they will have to think about the safer side. Besides, Veer says he will anyways keep his eye on Anika even if they remove the CCTV’s. Shivaay has his coffee while Anika tells him that she slapped Veer yesterday. Shivaay is shocked and he asks why. Anika says she saw him in such a condition and she slapped Veer and they start laughing. Shivaay says he has saved her life and he has to thank him. Shivaay reaches Veer’s house to thank him.


Shivaay says Anika that he coped with the fact that he left the house but now Rudra and Omkar. He says it is not easy to build house but its easy to break. Veer sends a pizza delivery girl at Shivaay’s house. Shivaay asks her if the pizza is prepaid delivery.


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